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12. June Day of Democracy and Death of Nigeria Femi Fani-Kayode

12. June Day of Democracy and Death of Nigeria Femi Fani-Kayode

In the present day is the democratic day of our nation on June 12, and I have some house certificates

The battle of 12 June was indeed noble, valuable, catastrophic and monumental. It was also a nightmare that crammed our area with many our bodies and soaked our nation's base with blood, sweat, and tears.

I can affirm it because I was deeply concerned in it for many years and I’m involved in

Many have been marttyyriläisiä, many have been imprisoned, many tortured, and many have been pressured to flee to exile.

Nice essayists, enthusiastic minds and in-depth writers and thinkers, corresponding to Professor Adebayo Williams, Professor Wole Soyinka, Gbolabo Ogunsanwo, Ombudsman Adewale Thompson and the good Chinwezu held us, boosted our courage, combined our passion, inspired our spirits and ignited our souls with their highly effective essays. we learn enthusiastically and briskly anyplace.

This was a mental, religious, bodily, emotional and psychological battle and battle and we threw all the things we had in it.

Master MKO Abiola was our hero and chief. He was a logo of battle and a rally level, and he and his wife, Kudir, sacrificed their lives.

I thank the Buhar regime for its appointment on June 12 as a democratic day for our nation, and I consider Abiola deserves it. Nevertheless, this noble gesture, as it’s commendable, may be too little and too late

It’s because in at present's Nigeria there’s Buhari in Nigeria and Abiolan Nigeria. And this presents us with very totally different challenges that have led to a much higher existential menace to our nation than the abolition of the 12 June Presidential mandate of Abiola and his subsequent homicide.

Think about the following. The president of Buhar in Nigeria is a northern Muslim. Senate president is the core of the northern Muslims.

Again in Buhar, Nigeria, each single safety, intelligence, investigation, army, and para-military company, except the fleet, leads the northern Muslim.

This raises the query: do southern and certainly Christians have anywhere or significance in Buhar Nigeria?

Nonetheless, it doesn't end there. The northern core of Buhar in Nigeria says "no" once we say cease the genocide. They say "no" once we say again. They are saying "no" once we say they arrange a covenant. They are saying "no" once we say they arrange a covenant. They say "no" once we say stop hegemony.

They say "no" once we say that Nigeria is a secular state. They are saying "no" once we say cease fulanization. They are saying "no" once we say stop Islamizing. They say "no" once we say that Nigeria belongs to us all.

They are saying "no" once we say that northern minorities can lead the individuals. They say "no" once we say that there are lots of in the south who can control the land.

They say "no" once we say that Nigeria is just not an addition to Saudi Arabia. They say "no" once we say we’re alike regardless of tribe or faith.

They are saying "no" once we say free Leah Sharibu. They are saying "no" once we say we aren’t their slaves.

They say "no" once we say we demand a referendum.

They say "no" once we say we need to depart the wedding and break the alliance.

They say "no" once we say stop enjoying this dangerous music. They are saying "no" once we say cease indulging in this dying dance.

They say "no" to anybody and everybody who tries to resolve our disagreements in an inexpensive and peaceable method.

And so it has been an unbiased state and a sovereign nation over the past 59 long and turbulent years.

Little did we know that in 1960 we had solely changed our external British colonial Master with a brand new set of inner masters.

we closed ourselves to a wierd and deceptive community and have been pressured to capture and mess up a posh record of self-inflicted and self-induced persecutions.

In the present day we’re people who are occupied and our country has been destroyed by tons of of hundreds of values ​​if not hundreds of thousands, extraordinarily violent, harmful, very armed, blood-coveted, blood-crazy and blood-thirsty terrorists and killer beasts who wait only for their host's sign earlier than they liberate horrible horror, horror and hell

Should we wait till we kill like flies and buried in mass money reminiscent of biafran, Bosnians, pacifiers, Jews, Congolese, Armenians, North American purple Indians, Australian Aborigines, South American Incas and Aztecs , Mynmar Ouigas, Syrian and Iraqi Jazz and numerous others earlier than our eyes open and we ask you to go away a tinderbox?

Can anyone blame Prince Adekunle Odunmorayo for saying

”Demand for restructuring is cowardly, useless and unattainable. Damn restructuring. We would like out of this charade. We would like a brand new individuals: we need to Oduduwan.

The Prince, who’s my relative and proud son of Ile-If, has spoken of hundreds of thousands of minds.

Still, it doesn’t stop. Permit me so as to add phrases to at least one of the greatest, most average, most conservative and prestigious nation leaders who fought to carry Nigeria together in a civil struggle that has devoted its whole life to this end and has a privilege

11. On June 20, 2019, former President Olusegun Obasanjo stated to the Premium Occasions:

”Now you could have a state of affairs the place three of the very best authorities officers are only two north zones. Ahmed Lawan (who has been crushed as Senate president) is in the northeast, Nigeria's Chief Government is northeast and the nation's president is in the northwest. They are all about what we call the core of the north. How might you be such an arrangement and then be utterly insensitive to it?

If a moderated and conservative man, corresponding to Obasanjo, expresses his reliable concern in this means and has previously confirmed his existence, the Fulanization and Islamism Plan is noteworthy, vital and to say

Given this mix of stupid, idiotic or deceptive within the village Simplet denies that Nigeria is in hassle and that we’re sitting in a time bomb.

The time I’ve for long-lasting conversations and conversations about regrettable distress and deep suffering is long. Nor do I consider that our weakening problems can nonetheless be corrected or corrected.

For many who nonetheless share the false perception that we should always keep in Nigeria, I urge and problem you to think about the following and contemplate our entrepreneurs.

Those that consider that they personal this nation and that they have been born to rule it have been insensitive, livid and tireless in making an attempt to overcome our area, and have pressured us to a stifling and murderous corner.

Each try and build bridges with them and attain them in love and friendship has failed as a result of they’re impatient to their vanity, their turbulent power, and their unwillingness to regulate all points of our existence and life. And that is true for each ethnic nationality in Nigeria that they consider should bend and tremble in front of them.

What extra do we now have to see? What extra should we hear? What extra do we now have to say?

From an awesome nation as soon as blessed with so much potential, hope, and promise, we at the moment are only a blood-soaked and demon-contaminated enclave with sociopaths, meglomaniacs, large loopy. , wicked barbarians, cowardly cowards and cow protection. Only in Nigeria, cow life is extra necessary than human life

This raises the query: do we’ve something weird, inexplicable, mysterious, historic and binding Luciferean spell?

Is this Satan's work? Have the authors of the darkish path been working? Has the queen of the coast achieved worse? Have they spent us within the woods of a darkish cave village?

Are there voodoo and magic right here? Are you enchanted by the lifeless army? Are we sure by the Whitewalkers dwelling outdoors the good icy north wall?

Have Mordor's wizards, witches, goblins and orcs been cursed? Have you confused and confused the dark winter forces of the evil Nightking?

Nonetheless a spell or no spell, what are we still waiting for on this nation of blood, massacres and damaged goals, generally known as Nigeria? [19659002] Do spiritual words of faith and hope consider in a greater tomorrow and a mild manifestation of beliefs of the sweetness and energy of national unity to stop the southern round of terrorists, shepherds and hegemonists?

They have already conquered, occupied, calmed, and enslaved the complete midnight and the remaining of the north. They’re now properly on their option to "immersing the Qur'an in the Atlantic Ocean", which flies beneath the flag of the good Patriarch and his ancestor Usman Dan Fodio and digs rage on their historic white struggle horse. Should we anticipate them to arrive before we go on vacation?

The answer to our drawback is to map one of two programs: either crash in and let them battle and enslave us till the kingdom comes or digs deeply, finds our courage, stand boldly, hold our head excessive, say "no more" and break into this depraved gold gold the cage.

There’s nothing holy about this ungodly and unjust union and group. The reality is that time is operating out in Nigeria and there might not be any various to breaking.

They are saying the place there isn’t a justice cannot be peace. How can there be peace and peaceful coexistence in Nigeria without justice or justice?

We have now a cemetery peace, the place everyone speaks in whispered tones or is afraid to speak in any respect.

We’ve the silence of two robust armies that encounter and dimension one another within the battle minutes earlier than the onset of the attack and the revelation of chaos, turmoil, massacre, madness, drunkenness, butchery and barbarism.

The awkward and envious silence of years of hidden anger and frowns that dominate when the brother is going to kill the brother. These are indeed actually dangerous occasions as the silent ticks and the d-day strategy.

If there isn’t a divine intervention, sooner or later it breaks that everybody is afraid is inevitable. And sadly, because no one is ready to be smart and speak, it’s actually very bloody. Let God give us peace and guide him and help us all.

Good Democracy Day!

by FFK