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El-Zakzaky Health: 186 Doctors from Seven Countries Write to Buharin

El-Zakzaky Health: 186 Doctors from Seven Countries Write to Buharin

One hundred and eighty-six docs from Pakistan, India, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq have written a letter to President Muhammadu Buhar, referring to Sheikh El-Zakzaky's bodily circumstances and urging the Nigerian Authorities to switch him as soon as potential.

The letter was revealed at this time by the Iranian news agency Fars Information. The report didn’t state the date the docs wrote the letter or whether or not it was written after the Kaduna Supreme Courtroom final week accepted a holiday for El-Zakzaky and his wife Zeenat to seek treatment in India.

Ministry of Overseas Affairs Providers, after being notified of a courtroom order that it complies with it. Zakzaky has been in custody since December 2015 following a conflict between Shi'ite supporters and the Nigerian military.

About 300 Shia members, including three of El-Zakzaky's youngsters, have been killed. Many have been buried in a mass grave.

Fars New quoted one of many signatories of the letter, Dr. Pourrahim Najafabad, as saying that an experienced staff of docs should enhance Zakzaky remedy outdoors a specialized multi-specialist hospital. Nigeria.

"Due to Sheikh's current physical condition, especially virulent lead poisoning, Sheikh's life is seriously threatened by delayed treatment."

At the similar time, special medical remedy is required even in the occasion of an entire illness. medical remedy. Sheikh's life is in grave hazard if he’s detained, "stated Najafabadi, founder and spokesman of a gaggle of professional docs who volunteered to maintain Sheikh Zakzaky.

Right here is the complete textual content of the letter:

" In the Identify of God

19659002] to the President of the Republic of Nigeria, Buhar.

Over the previous few years, the world has been receiving alarming news concerning the health of considered one of Nigeria's well-known figures, Shaikh Ibrahim Zakzaky. We have now chosen docs, even figuring out that this work is extraordinarily troublesome and troublesome, however we determined to save individuals

In accordance to medical reviews by Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky:

1. He suffers from complete blindness in the left eye and Additionally associated with right eye imaginative and prescient issues together with glaucoma and progressive macular atrophy. Visiting docs have recognized that Shaikh Zakzaky will lose sight ultimately if current circumstances don’t change.

2. He has shown symptoms of ischemic heart illness that can lead to myocardial inflation.

three. He also suffers from extreme cervical spondylosis, which has led to nerve root compression, and his signs are progressive, causing insomnia.

4. Checks present that he has heavy metallic toxicity, together with lead and cadmium. Laboratory exams, carried out on Might 31, 2019, present a blood lead degree of 171.94 µg / dl. Later, on June 18, 2019, this degree was reported to be 231.48 µg, whereas in the final laboratory check, blood lead levels have been 3 times greater than toxicity (grade 5 poisoning). In the mild of the foregoing, Shaikh Ibrahim Zakzaky ought to be referred to well-equipped medical facilities, which embrace a neuro-ophthalmologist, a glaucoma specialist, and a low vision specialist, a heart specialist, an orthopedist and a neurologist. In addition, he may have to have surgery to scale back intraocular strain.

We physicians of different nationalities can’t take any human health as a right. That is our pure obligation as a physician. The failure of Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky's important well being can lead to irreparable consequences.

We ask the Nigerian authorities and parliament to immediately transport him to a well-equipped hospital to forestall any unlucky events.

A gaggle of docs from Pakistan, India, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq

Dr Abbas alahmad, pediatrician, Syria [19659002AbdosalamihammaslääkäriSyyria[19659002] Dr. Addel maheiri, maxillofacial specialist, Syria

Dr. Ahmad alrahal, Ear, Throat and Throat Researcher, Syria

Dr. Ahmaad alzien, thorax internist, Syria

Dr Ahmad nasrulla] Dr. Ajmal Farooq, basic practitioner, India

Dr. Alla Aldrin Hassan, Neurosurgeon, Syria

Dr. Allaa allurass


Dr. Ange hellali, Syria [1 9659002] Dr. Asma Khalid, Basic Practitioner, Pakistan

Dr. Bakri dablloni, Orthopedic Surgeons, Syria

Dr. Bassel Alshaher, Dentist, Syria

Dr. Bsam kedeh, gastroenterologist, Syria. , Syria

Dr. Farhat, Common Practitioner, Pakistan

Dr. Fizza Batool Zaidi, Common Practitioner, Pakistan

Dr. Furqan Ali Khan, Common Practitioner, Pakistan

Dr. Hania Batool Zaidi, Pakistan [General General, Pakistan][1945generalpractitionerPakistan

Dr. Hassan alkhatib, vascular surgeon, Syria

Dr. Hassan Khalil, internist, Syria

Dr. Houda abdalhadi, internist, Syria

tri Ibrahim Hadid, [IbidGeneralpractitionerIndia

Dr. Iftikar Hussain, common practitioner, India

Dr. Kashaf Zehra Durrani, basic practitioner, Pakistan

Dr. Mamdoh zitoni, orthopedic surgeon, Syria

surgeon, 19th century Manaa Mhmmod Nasser, Gastroenterologist, Syria

Dr. Mirza Arsalan, Common Practitioner, India

D.Mohamad Mohamed, Pediatrician, Syria

ri Mohanad batti, Syria, pediatrician Dr. Mohanad naasan, common surgeon, Syria

Dr Mohanad zanoube, ophthalmologist, Syria

Dr Mohd Yaseen Mir, India

Dr Motaz alhm [al, Myria] Ajmal doctor, Pakistan

Dr. Muhammad Ali Kazmi, common practitioner, Pakistan

Dr. Muhammad ali rushed, common practitioner, Pakistan

Dr. Muhammad Amjad Hussain, common practitioner, Pakistan

asq. Pakistan

Dr. Mouhamad batikh, Common Surgeon, Syria

Dr. Muhammad Farhan, Basic Practitioner, Pakistan

Dr. Myllad zahlloq, Vascular Surgeon, Syria

Dr. Ossama-wy, Syria

Dr. Ossama Raza Common Practitioner (MBBS), Pakistan

Dr. Owais Siddique, Common Practitioner, India

Dr. Raja Munawa, Basic Practitioner, India

Dr. Saman Fatima, Common Practitioner, Pakistan

Dr. Samer alhames, Thoracic Surgeon, Syria

Dr. Samer sharbo, Vascular Surgeon, Syria

Dr. Sami-bitar, Nephrologist, Syria

Dr. Saqib Hussain, Common Practitioner, India

Dr. Saqib Hussain, Common Practitioner, India 19659007]. Dr Showkat Hussain Dar, Common Practitioner, India

Dr. Shyar Mostafa, Neurosurgeon, Syria

Dr Suhail Ahmad Mir, Common Practitioner, India

Dr. Syed ali kuamil, Common Practitioner in Pakistan

Dr Syed Muntazir Mousa, Common Practitioner, India

Dr. Syed Wafadar Hussain Naqvi, Basic Practitioner, Pakistan

Dr. Syeada Maimoona Batool Rizvi, Common Practitioner, Pakistan

Dr. Taher farfotli, neurologist, Syria

Dr. Tahssi Hmidi, Syria [19659002] Dr. Waael akari, Common Surgeon, Syria

Dr. wisaam dieb, Basic Surgeon, Syria

Dr. Yamen Yousuf, Neurosurgeon, Syria


] Surgeon, Syria

Dr. Zaher and allaziz, Vascular Surgeon, Syria

Dr. Zaher Batalist, Vitamin Therapist, Syria

Dr. Zaid Jeelani, Common Practitioner, India

Dr. Zeesher, Dr. Zeesher, Dr. ] Dr. Arezoo Mohtasham, President of Radiology, Iran

Dr. Azadeh Hashemi, President of Radiology, Afghanistan

Dr. Abolfazl Mohammadi, Orthopedic Surgeon, Iran

Dr. Amanollah Karami, Ophthalmologist, Iran [Am19659002ResidentIran

Dr. Amirhossein Izadyar, Basic Practitioner, Iran

Dr. Aniseh Aliabadi, Dermatology Resident, Iran

Dr. Hamed Abdi, Internist, Iran

Dr. Hojjat Madarshahi, 1965] Otorhinolaryngologist, Bosk Abadi, Pediatrician and Neonatal Specialist, Iran

Dr. Hasan Sezavar, Iran

Dr. Hossein Amirzistir, 1965] urosol psychiatrist, Iran

Hamidreza Safaei, radiologist, Iran

Dr. Hourieh Soleimani, Radiological Individual, Iran

Dr. Rahil Daghmagh, Basic Practitioner, Lebanon

Dr Rose A whole lot of Shamsa, Common Practitioner, Iran

Dr. Reyhaneh. Specialist, Iran

Dr. Zahra Behnam Rasouli, President of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Iran

Dr. Zahra Jafar, Common Practitioner, Lebanon

Dr. Zahra Joshaghani, Skilled in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Iran

Dr. , Iran

Dr. Zahra Movahedinia, Basic Practitioner, Iran

Dr. Zahra Moaddab Shoar, Dentist, Iran

Dr. Zeinab Babasafari, Common Practitioner, Iran

Dr. Sajedeh Mousavi, 19659 Saiedeh Khatami, Dentist, Iran

DT Soleiman Heidari, Toracic Surgeon, Iran

Dr. Samaneh Rahmani, Basic Practitioner, Iran

Dr. Seyed Javad Hosseininezhad, Neurologist, Iran

. Zaker Hossein Naqvi, Common practitioner, Pakistan

Dr. Syed Omran Hyder Zeidi, Common practitioner, Pakistan

Dr. Seyed Mohammadreza Parizadeh, Doctor of Biochemistry, Iran

Dr. Seyed Mohammadsadegh Mirzari2, Iran

Dr. Common practitioner, Iran

Dr. Seyed Naser Emadi, Worldwide Dermatologist, Iran

Dr Seyedeh Afsar Sharafi, Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Iran

Dr Seyedeh Zeinab Hasheer Javaher2, Iran] Dr Saeb Aliabadi, Basic Practitioner, Iran

. Seddigheh Ayati, Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Iran

Dr Tahereh Labbaf, Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Iran

Dr. Arefeh Edalatian, Obste Medical Subjects and Gynecology, Iran

Dr. Atefeh Kermanshahi, Basic Practitioner, Iran

Dr. Abbas Shojaei, Finger, Throat and Throat Researcher, Iran

Dr. Azra Rashidnezhad, President of Neurology, Iran. ] Dr. Atieh Mohebbi, Radiologist, Iran

Dr. Atieh Mohammadzadeh Vatanchi, Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Iran

Dr. Ali Ebrahimzadeh, Iran

Dr. Ali Anjomshoa, Anesthesiologist, Iran, 19659002 Iran

Dr. Ali Rezazadeh, An internist, Iran

Dr. Ali Fazli, Anesthesiologist, Iran

Dr. Ali Madarshahi, Inner Surgeon, Iran

dr. , Bodily Drugs Individual, Iran

Dr. Fatemeh Joshaghani, Dentist, Iran

Dr. Fatemeh Dadelahi, Radiation Resident, Iran

Dr. Fatemeh Mehrparvar, Dentist, Iran

] Dr. Ghasem Amini, Surgical procedure Resident, Iran

Dr. Kamal Heydari, Dentist, Iran

Dr. Leila Moaddab Shoar, Radiotherapy and Oncology Professional, Iran

Dr. Majid Habibzadeh Moghaddam, Common Apply Iran

Dr. Majid Abdollahi, First Assist Physician, Iran

Dr. Majid Ghayour Mobarhen, Vitamin Therapist, Iran

Dr. Mohammad Ebrahimi, Iran

Dr. Mohammad Sajjadi, Psychiatrist, Iran Dr


Dr. Mohammadtaghi Rajabi Mashhadi, Surgeon, Iran

Dr. MohammadJafar Modabber Azizi, Basic Practitioner, Iran

Dr. Mohammadreza Behrouz, Iran

Dr. Mohammadreza Jahdani, Household; Gastroenterologist, Iran

Dr. Mahmoud Jozhaghani, Corneal Specialist, Iran

Dr. Mahmoud Fatemi, Radiation Resident, Iran

Dr. Mahya Yargholi, Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Iran


] Dr. Morteza Tajaddodi, Basic Practitioner, Iran

Dr. Maryam Sadat Paknezhad, Specialist in Traditional Drugs of Iran, Iran

Dr. Maryam Rezaeian, Dentist, Afghanistan

Dr. Maryam Yargholi, Obstetrics, Iran

Dr. Mozhgan Mahmoudian, Radiologist, Iran

Dr. Masoud Maleki, Dermatologist, Iran

Dr. Masoud Mahdavi, Radiologist, Iran

Dr. Mostafa Jafari, internist, Iran

Dr Malihe Ak. Common practitioner, Iran

Dr Malihe Hatefipour, common practitioner, Iran

Dr Mahdi Oughli, internist, Iran

Dr Mahdi Mokhtari, ophthalmologist, Iran

Dr Mahdieh Pouryazdanpanah, ravi

Dr. Mahsa Kia, Common Practitioner, Iran

Dr. Milad Hadadi, Dentist, Iran

Dr. Najmeh Khodadadi, Iran

Dr. Najmeh Zamani, Common Practitioner, Iran

Dr Narjes Khatoun Movahedi Rad, Common Practitioner, Iran

De Narges Salehi, Heart specialist, Iran

Dr. Narges Arabzadeh, Internist, Iran

Dr. Nasrollah Hamraz, Internist, Afghanistan

Dr. Nafiseh Kazemi Rad, Radiological Individual, Iran

. Nafiseh Aliabadi, Pediatrician, Iran

Dr. Nayerreh Khadem Ghayebi, Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Iran

Dr Hadi Hasanzadeh, Basic Practitioner, Iran

Dr. Hadi Sherouni, Otorhinolaadingli, 1969, 1969]. Trainee, Iran

Dr. Rezaei, Interventional Cardiologist, Afghanistan ”