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"Holy" Sasha Siem Debut's third album on June 7th

The new album of the holy, singer, songwriter and musician Sasha Seed, is eagerly awaited worldwide on June 7, 2019 on platforms all over the world, including iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, and other rising media. The album has 11 unique songs, together with the just lately launched single "Holey Wholly Holy", which separates Sasha's personal era into a singular voice with a vocal choice that’s hypnotically versatile and pierces soul-infiltrating lyrics. Sasha's album gives the potential of "rapeseed Fiona's Apple-fill-Joanna Newsom", and seamlessly provides genres corresponding to pop, jazz and various.

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“It's a collective experience – things that make us human, it connects us with the cosmic aspects,” says Sasha. “The holy is a wide open armed album. I wish the songs inspire people to hope, feel supportive of their desire to make changes and remember that we can indeed do with every action, thought and word. ”

The deep-rooted Holy has an urgent name for action that begins to look inward. "We have such a mess," says an artist who data his music by means of Sophie's attitudes and bends via the album. “We must change the world by changing ourselves. My songs start from my experience – fear, anger, challenges. By entering deep into darkness and passing it through song and sound, I hope it can be mirrored in a macroscope. I truly believe that together we can manifest a world that is harmonious and loving and respectful. ”

Sasha wrote all 11 Sacred Songs and defined every individual's private message and experience.

"When He Calls Us" – "This song has two voices – one desperate and one lost, one all knowing and peaceful," says Sasha. “It is a message of hope, and how alone and lost we feel that the general mother is always there so we can crash home. But it is also a song of death … physical life, but also death in the end, a little death that happens with every exhalation, everyone let go. It is an invitation to trust to let go. Trust in surrender. Trust in death. Only by giving up death can we be born again. ”

“ Flower Flower ”-“ This is a song for flow and joy. It is an erotic song – joy and joy and infinite abundant life. It is about freedom of love and "flow". Tantric awakening and kundalini are on the rise. It's about being in harmony with yourself and your own rhythm and life.

“Fiercely Fearless” – “It's an invitation to dare. Because our biggest fears are what keeps us back from our biggest dreams, Sasha says. “Because we need to leave our comfort zone and step outside the unknown to realize our dreams. It takes courage and courage. It is also a song that awakens the awakening of "bad decisions" and "mistakes" after years to see that the life we ​​have created is the perfect mess. It is about the courage to face what is, not to avoid or deceive or deny. Because we can face things as such, we can begin to heal them. "

" A lonely child "-" We all have a small child who is still lovable and caring, "Sasha explains. "I realized at a certain point that no one – not my friends, my friend, my teacher – could improve the hardships I had after my child (loneliness, criticism, neglect, or over-protection), and I had to come to my parents. Hurts are broken moments where our natural flow is interrupted. These are the moments when we abandon love. The purpose of this song is to go back to the harmful points and to join in the love that we no longer have to sustain the damage in our lives. We can restore the source. ”

“ The slave of the system – “We have education to agree on a young age, "Sasha explains." We are institutional. School systems. Medical systems. Political systems, etc. And all these systems can do a great job and mean well, but how much does it really mean how we really live and fulfill our purpose? "

"Eve Eyed" – "This is a song for the goddess, women. Eve brought the darkness. She brought the evening." And so, it is
inviting us to shine and step into our true goddess for ourselves and support our sister in the same way. "

" "Holey Whenty Holy" – "This song is capable of accepting, recognizing aspects, defects, and mistakes that are part of your journey of life, says Sasha. “And remember that you are a whole, regardless of what they've been through; that all holes, punctures and injuries can also be a gateway back to divinity. With this song, I want to carry the listener to their own shadows and dark places so that they can shine awareness in these areas and allow the music to transfer them back to the light. "

" Come as the sun "-" It is Sasha says, "All who you are embrace and accept. Each of us at some point feels that if we are a little more like or similar, we are more lovable or more acceptable. We begin to reduce the truth about who we are so we can fit in. “Come like the sun” is an invite to settle in the midst of your being and shine brilliantly. As an alternative of being a fallen star. ”

“ Members of Death ”-“ I want to think of this as a song for awakening and a new world! “The artist says. “It is a shame and regret that chains are released into the past that turns into dust. It's about our ancestors and stories written in DNA; Celebrate them and rise above them. Together, hope to bring a new and improved world together. ”

“ Kaleidoscope ”-“ It's a Divine Union, ”Sasha describes. “I wrote this when I was pregnant with Dylan. I felt a cosmic sense of respect when his soul arrived. I would have had several miscarriages before I got pregnant with her and so I wondered about the miracle of life was deep. It is a love song and song about soul mates. Finally, waiting for so long and almost giving up hope, finding the soul's connection to another that is completely divine.

"What have I done?" – "This is a song Catharsikselle the conclusion of errors and causing damage. After the sadness, something that meant a lot to me. Self-deception. People are forced to change if they are not ready. The dawn breaks the night. “

The Holy is a very personal album for Sasha, who wrote a message of hope, self-esteem and empowerment, which for the first time writes about the sacred topics of motherhood, virginity, femininity and loneliness. as well as his own experience of sexual violence in his youth.

“My music and especially through this album I open and share, so people know they can completely heal from any experience knowing how dramatic it is,” says Sasha. “I would never have thought it possible, but I feel more and more like never before. When I finally accepted the experience, I started on a healing journey that brought me to strength and radiation much larger than I had known before. “

Part of this process experienced maternity that affected his music. "After giving birth, I am aware of what a tremendous power we have as women, because of our ability to open and receive and receive and give completely. It is our "Holeyness" that makes us Holy. "

The Holy One is Sasha's third album, and the most revealing." The first, most of the boys, was written from "my" point of view – one unique person: a young woman who will grow older and want to believe in love and fail it again and again. And another, Bird Burning, was a story about a couple and between the two. This third album completes the expansion round I wanted to create – & # 39; & # 39;. Us & # 39; & # 39;

The Holy was produced with the voice of 432HZ, also known as "love frequency". Sound Alchemist Phillip Schardt and the final version were made in Queen's studio with producer Danton Supple.

Sasha was born in London, but recently spent several years living in Brooklyn with her husband and a half year old son and his wife writing and recording. Born to a musical family – his brother Charlie is a world famous violinist and his sister Sophie and LouLou were trained as musicians before they participate in visual arts – Sasha started playing piano at the age of five, studied music at the age of seven and wrote the first songs on piano when she was only 11. Her first composition was instrumental Maya Angelou's poem "A Caged Bird Sings" included. He later attended Cambridge University before he received a Ph.D. In Harvard's music and poem. After graduation, he was asked to write works for opera houses and orchestras, including the London Symphony and the Royal Opera House.

Recently, Sasha began his own music and music industry. The label, Sanctum Records, which he describes as "a label for artists-artists with a major social change." It offers the opportunity to combine music with the message. "Our ethos are to use our music to harmonize the planet from micro-macros," he explains. “We use music as a tool to create social impact.”

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