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Letters: Shiprock-admin works on politics, not heart

I want to thank Angee Lee for her final week's letter concerning the state of affairs in Shiprock.

Along with the ethical coaching required by Shiprock officers and administration, they want an accident course in good ways, public relations and a reminder to them

Though the group service coordinator has achieved a superb job of getting out of punishment, public relations and repair to individuals are not good they usually just worsen. There have been many abuses and dignity on this administration, too many to record here.

The chapter and the group have gone downhill, as he pushed our chapter leader out of his office in the chapter. Final yr he moved all his possessions to the corridor when he was out of city. The members of the chapter have demanded that he hold his workplace area with a view to communicate with individuals, however he doesn't pay attention. Individuals still respect him, he is nonetheless our natan. As a member of the chapter stated, he works from the heart, whereas different officials and the administration work in line with politics.

We’ve requested the division of Group improvement areas to assist, however they’re too sluggish

Nate Ellison
Shiprock, NM

Provider confirmed that leaders are not revered

I am a believer in the Navajo means, relating to respect our leaders , especially those who have been chosen to steer, serve, and shield our lives in our lives in the nice Navajo Nation, and I will not notice if I did not reply to Mr Duane Beyal's assertion “No to a photo-op Prez,” (revealed July 11, 2019), and

The Navajo Occasions is proud to be a nationwide and international media, and as a Navajo individual, I share this satisfaction for the continued recognition of our nice Navajo individuals.

The Mariano Lake group celebrated the 16th anniversary and Ms. Esident Jonathan Nez joined us for this celebration. As well as, members of the Mariano Lake group inspired him to sign a pending regulation to fund $ three million for Navajo Nation summer time youth employment. I consider he has set a precedent by signing an bill on the spot. There was no single news media masking President Nez's historic signature on the bill at a area people assembly.

In reality, our grasp's administrative employees took a photograph and gave a short writing about this great

Finally, the president appeared in his solo without his safety forces if he had it. I'm positive there are lots of other comparable providers, the Navajo president has given area people degree away from our individuals, the capital of Window Rock, which has not been notified.

Finally, I consider in freedom of the press, but there’s additionally our Navajo approach of respecting each other, and when you feel our Navajo Nation management in Hague (so wouldn’t it).

Jay R. De Groat
Crownpoint, NM

There isn’t a excuse for re-falsifying a BFS shopper

This is the reply to the allegations and comments made by the interim chief on the providers of families revealed by Emily Ellison, in an article revealed by Navajo Occasions on July 4, 2019. [19659002] Ms. Ellison justified household violence and his youngsters from a BFS transition and a nanny when he stated he was making an attempt to offset the mismanagement and misuse of BFS funds through the years

Earlier than I was employed as BFS Director in April 2016, I had labored at BFS in 2004-2011 for domestic as an anti-abuse workforce / transitional housing coordinator. As CEO I employed to evaluation BFS's monetary statements and stated that BFS's money owed have been substantial. My remark was introduced to the BFS board, which is in BFS. The BFS had two accounts

The chairman and officials of the BFS board managed a single checking account with the most important debt. I was not approved to make use of this account, nor did I obtain any funds from this account throughout my three-year term of workplace.

The second account was used only as needed and had a limitation. Throughout $ 500 checks needed to be authorised and signed by a government officer. The Board additionally decided to make use of the revenue generated by BFS

Every month, I made monthly agendas for Board conferences to Emily Ellison, CEO of BFS. The agendas included BFS actions and financial status stories. The Board of Directors also acquired monetary statements from the accounting company utilized by BFS.

Ms. Ellison did not deliver me any considerations about BFS debts at board meetings or at any time. When new members of the Board are elected to the Board of Administrators, they will be knowledgeable concerning the Board members, BFS funding policies and guidelines. The contractor and I asked the federal government to be educated as a member of the board of the Family Violence Agency. I didn't get any response from Ellison, so coaching didn't occur.

As CEO, I’m primarily answerable for the day-to-day operating of the agency and its mission, which was to offer complete providers for families of home violence and sexual violence. Once I took this place, I promised that clients would come first and that there can be no breaks in the providers and the low number of employees vacancies vital for the continuity of crucial providers, which are sometimes a matter of life and demise. Restricted assets and assets are a topical problem for non-profit businesses, so it is rather necessary to have a knowledgeable and supportive authorities and CEO, whose main activity is to unravel problems with a purpose to forestall clients from closing doorways unnecessarily.

Ms. Ellison sacrificed home violence and her youngster's survivor and justified it by stating that she was not a social worker and had not been educated in home violence. Ellison was a member of the BFS board of directors and chairman of the board for more than two years, but never took the chance to satisfy her obligation to study home violence and the individuals she served. This is unacceptable and it’s also unattainable to assume that you need to be a social employee who treats the victims with dignity and respect.

In January, once I let the federal government know that I was retiring on February 22, 2019, I despatched them three assignments as a director. I advised the board that they needed to decide on an outline so we might advertise and get someone in place before leaving. There were several potential candidates who expressed their curiosity, however since February 20, 2019, the federal government had not selected or developed a location description.

That is why I advisable to the federal government that a long-term BFS employee briefly supervises BFS as the CEO is hired. Ellison and different board members accepted my suggestion. Four months have passed because the retirement and the Government Director of the BFS has not yet been recruited. A CEO who is acquainted with domestic violence and has experience with a non-profit company would have prevented BFS from being shut down and injustices to clients and employees

Is the BFS government aware that home violence is a national epidemic, especially in India? The statistics earlier than leaving BFS revealed that 87 % of the purchasers served by BFS have been People.

Willard Eastman
Former Director
Family Providers

The Truthful Agency is not so truthful for the Diné business

Reading the story of the turmoil Navajo Nation Truthful Office version, I was hoping that working with Navajo Nation Truthful Workplace would not be for this yr's truthful.

Nevertheless, Leo Watchman Jr., Head of Navajo Nation's Department New Navajo Nation Exhibition Division started farming, which informed me to cease working within the 2019 Navajo Nation Truthful.

I am going back to March 2, 2018, when the Navajo Nation Truthful Manager, Alvina Arviso, issued a letter stating, “Mr. Loren Tapahe, owner of Mr. Native Scene, a 100% Navajo-owned company, is in 2018 and 2019 Navajo Nation Fair – magazine producer. ”

I produced a magazine for the truthful in 2018 and started planning and working on manufacturing. at 2019, once I acquired March 27, 2019, Leo Watchman's e-mail, stating: “I'm going to develop n rfq [Request for Quotation] or providers that don't know anything about NNfair's letter and providers. So at this level, cease working on the NN magazine until you get enough answers to your question.

My query was: Why would he need to cease the arrangement because I had already chosen for the 2019? I had already fulfilled my 2018 dedication, which was half of the contract, and the second part of the contract was to supply the 2019 journal I started in April 2019.

. Watchman stated in a subsequent e mail dated April 16, 2019 that he meant to publish requires proposals from the Navajo Occasions and the Gallup Unbiased, but later admitted in another e-mail on Might 20, 2019 that the RFP was by no means revealed As a result of he was "delayed." As an alternative, he stated he was going to decide on someone from the Navajo Nation Opportunity Act.

I was in search of the newest Navajo source record dated June 2019 and found no corporations with

In the same e-mail, Mr. Watchman drew the (new) RFQ to the magazine, however this new RFQ surpassed the scope of the original work. 2018, letter. The brand new RFQ included three new gadgets, together with strategy improvement and sponsorship at festivals. My credentials gave me the opportunity to supply only 2018 and 2019 magazines, and nothing extra, like "Selling a Sponsorship Package [of the] Navajo Nation Fair Office and NNDOA." The rationale for me to broaden the scope of the work was by no means defined

The Navajo nation raises itself to be "business friendly", but what does this mean? The Ombudsman has handled me very unfairly by promising me work and then pulling the mat out of me.

I’ve to ask: what number of others have experienced the identical remedy within the present administration?

Tribal Workplaces are multi-year contracts for providers from Navajo corporations, however when management is modified, these contracts ought to not merely be rejected, they need to be respected because the words in the Navajo phrase are sacred.

Arizona American Indian Chamber of Commerce, I have had the opportunity to see how many different tribal governments help their own tribal features. Many, if not all, tribal governments help tribal members in their goals of company possession of offering providers to their tribal communities. I never anticipated the Navajo Nation to treat mine because I have been handled, particularly since I have by no means acquired any complaints about my finish product, and I produced magazines for the years 2008, 2009, 2010, 2017 and 2018. [19659002] Now, a few week ago, I obtained a replica of an airplane asking for a popularity for this yr's Navajo Nation Truthful, which my pal sent me. Apparently, Albuquerque's business has been provided the opportunity to supply magazines at the 2019 truthful. It will be fascinating to see if there are new written signed documents with this new group.

Sadly, this experience could be a microscope about what occurs to Navajo business house owners in the Navajo nation.

Does Navajo Nation intend to honor its commitments or not? Apparently not in my case.

I’ve tried to "do things" with the truthful workplace, but I have observed that their dedication to me is not taken under consideration. That's why I decided to convey a good workplaces and different motion towards in relation to my state of affairs. This situation undoubtedly raises more points related to the administration or abuse of a good office up to now and present administration.

I hope for a constructive end result.

Loren Tapahe
Navajo Business Owner
] Mesa, Ariz.

Corruption Unlimited Ag. Department, DGC

The Division of Agriculture and the Committee for the Administration of Grazing have not stopped the corruption of the grazing allow program.

They accused the Grazing Committee of breaking the infringement without proof. Regulation 25 CFR 167.13 (Violation) mentions the Navajo Nation Resource Improvement Committee to evaluation the alleged violation to determine whether or not a consistent choice has been made prior to revocation of the grazing permit. The data present that the NNDA program manager has not achieved his homework before deciding to help the DGC's actions to cancel the grazing permit because of the infringement.

That is the gross negligence of the NNDA's mission statement, which states: "The NNDA offers administrative steerage and help providers to the District Food Committees, which emphasize regulatory oversight in accordance with federal regulation and the Navajo Nation Code. ”

This is also a nasty management of this system. They break 25 CFR 167.13 (Trespass), which reads: "The primary offense that the District Grazing Committee can’t resolve is shipped to the Central Grazing Committee (now the Assets and Improvement Committee) for a proper answer. Tribal Courtroom. ”

The DGC decision does not have 25 CFR 167.13 requirements There isn’t any written discover to the Committee There isn’t a report that they’ve consulted the Tribunal's Resource Committee on the appropriate legislative choice previous to the withdrawal of the grazing permits

Jerome Willie (BIA ) and Ray Castillo (NNDA) are technical advisors who did not inform the DGC that the decision to withdraw was unjustified because of the absence of a written violation notification and the truth that it was not recorded within the Committees Herd Report. is "injustice

In the worst case: the RDC Legislative Authority's Office accepted and approved the Committee's request for the RDC's agenda of 29 Might 2019 to submit a 25 CFR 167.13 declare for its grievance. At the last minute earlier than the Committee's proposal, NNDA had an impression on NNDOJ's removing from the Committee's agenda on account of litigation. What sort of trial? A document was never introduced to the Delegation within 10 years of his dispute with NNDA and BIA. In legal terms, the complaining social gathering should get hold of a lawyer before adopting the classification of the dispute.

1. July 2019, the Committee was invited to attend the DGC's month-to-month meeting to prove DGC's choice to abolish the grazing allow. The decision accommodates inaccuracies, inconsistencies and errors. When asked by the Committee in its resolution on Navajo Nation Code 3 chapters 5 to 708, Ray Castillo refers to the present Navajo Nation Code, which he says is within the 1966 code change. Web analysis reveals that 708 is a proposal for the yr 2000 Navajo Nation Grazing Act. The Navajo Nation Council did not settle for the proposal because of public hearings. 708 NNDA and DGC make their own legal guidelines of corruption

Ray Castillo (NNDA), Jerome Willie and Calvert Curley (BIA) attended the July 1 DGC meeting. They did not inform the DGC that the DOJ has imposed restrictions on follow-up, including resolutions, as a result of the case is pending.

The DGC's resolution also refers to 25 CFR 167.8, which says that nobody holds multiple grazing allow when Jerome Willie created a multitude in 1991 by accepting one other allow. No one questioned his mistake or admitted an error. In addition, nobody questions the negligence of Willie & # 39; and Curley, once they accepted the permission of District 17 theft in a decade of authorization in District 18.

These are critical corruption by NNDA, DGC and BIA.

Nels Roanhorse
Oakridge, Ariz.

Properly executed Dr. Sylvia Andrew

I want to thank my appreciation, admiration and congratulations to my good good friend Dr. Sylvia Rodriguez Andrew. Sylvia has served our group for ten years and included seven years as a instructor and division supervisor on the English, Well being and Human Assets Department and three years as Director of New Mexico-Gallup University. Now he leaves us returning to his house in San Antonio to get nearer to husbands and household while persevering with his wonderful profession in greater schooling.

By the top of Might, we discovered that Sylvia had acquired the title of "Professor Emeritus" on the College of New Mexico, efficient July 1 this yr. Congratulations, Sylvia! As colleagues and college students testify, this recognition has earned richness – and all the extra we all miss you!

I am notably grateful to Sylvia, that "to hang in there," all of us for years. UNM battles and battles to cope with the Gallup Department leadership difficulty. Many people have been deeply disenchanted and fearful when the university decided to exchange you as a department supervisor, but we appreciated your willingness to remain in school as a instructor within the region

. You worked onerous and the way nicely you work together with group leaders, citizens, school and college students to make our group group a greater place to study and develop. You could have proven in-depth commitment to the scholars, and you will notice how necessary it was to organize students for an actual world the place they apply schooling.

There’s such a terrific want for native expertise in schooling, Health and Human Providers, and you have ensured that the curriculum responded to college students' challenges within the regional group.

Patricia “Patty” Lundstrom
New Mexico House of Representatives, District 9
Gallup, NM