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Maryland and Montgomery County Politicians Tweet Their Shutdown Frustrations

Maryland and Montgomery County Politicians Tweet Their Shutdown Frustrations

Maryland and Montgomery County politicians have spent Twitter in the previous few weeks on the frustration of aviation with the federal authorities.

Here's what they’ve stated.

.gov. Larry Hogan

I’m confused about that concern työtovuttavat staff who come to unpaid this week. No one in Congress or the White Home must get a salary till the top ends. Marylanders and People shouldn’t endure because of this nonsense. #DoYourJobs https://t.co/MZGyS9gD4Z [19659002] – Governor Larry Hogan (@GovLarryHogan) January 9, 2019

The compromise shouldn’t be a unclean word. It’s time to put an end to the political angle and make individuals work. #DoYourJobs https://t.co/zQvO0QLC8o [19659002] – Governor Larry Hogan (@GovLarryHogan) January three, 2019

It is unattainable to punish hard-working federal staff because Washington can’t work together – dedicated men and ladies shouldn’t be used as troopers. It is time for leaders to cease the malfunction and get collectively to seek out options as an alternative of ending the federal government. pic.twitter.com/CXbzbwegZD [19659002] – Governor Larry Hogan (@GovLarryHogan) December 21, 2018

. Chris Van Hollen

We are shortly approaching the longest cease of historical past with out finish.

The President continues to play political games

At the similar time, our officials have no idea how they are

Where are his priorities?

– Chris Van Hollen (@ChrisVanHollen) January 9, 2019

Senate flooring news: @SenateDems heard your name and stated it’s clear that ending Trump Shutdown have to be our first order of enterprise. McConnell can, and ought to, deliver the two-nation House-approved bills back to open the board instantly. Hold the speech! pic.twitter.com/FApWbchT6A

– Chris Van Hollen (@ChrisVanHollen) January 8, 2019

Senate Republicans need to vote tonight as much of the federal government does not shut. I'm joining the @SenatorCardiniin, @MarkWarneriin and @TimKaineen, to be able to urge our colleagues to stand up and say no. The first vote have to be the reopening of the federal government. https://t.co/rC128qK0Yh [19659002] – Chris Van Hollen (@ChrisVanHollen) January eight, 2019

The purpose is lacking. It isn’t concerning the bill we vote for. The purpose is that McConnell has the facility to convey out two-sided House-passed payments immediately and stop this closure and we now have to make it the first order. https://t.co/KNOF1MkNlH

– Chris Van Hollen (@ChrisVanHollen) January 7, 2019

Senate Democrats ought to forestall all payments which are unrelated to opening a government till Senate Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans permit to vote on bilateral payments which Parliament gave to the opening of the government. Mitch, don't delay. We’re voting!

– Chris Van Hollen (@ChrisVanHollen) January 5, 2019

Not solely is Trump ready to hold the federal government closed for years, however he claims that federal staff help this chaos? Delusional. Greater than 800,000 federal staff work without wages or wildfire – they don't want this. Stop it!

– Chris Van Hollen (@ChrisVanHollen) January 5, 2019

The important thing to ending the interruption is in the arms of President Trump. The Senate might help him instantly in an effort to cross Parliament's bilateral legislation. I gave a weekly democratic tackle to speak concerning the time to put an finish to this government undoubtedly. pic.twitter.com/cFOeglvbfs

– Chris Van Hollen (@ChrisVanHollen) January four, 2019

Parliament has passed two payments with a full opening. The Senate should now forward them immediately. Many Senate Republicans have already voted for these ranges of funding, however McConnell has to date refused to vote. Tell him to cease Trump and let democracy work!

– Chris Van Hollen (@ ChrisVanHollen) January 4, 2019

This cease just isn’t enough for Trump. His officers' salaries stay in drive – whereas tons of of hundreds of them are corrupt or working with out pay. I ask for a 1.9% COLA discount, and I can’t cease before it’s made. https://t.co/UZHzZ8w2EM

– Chris Van Hollen (@ChrisVanHollen) December 30, 2018

President Trump is clearly not allergic to fact, however it matches when different individuals stand with him to tell the truth – like Jim Mattis and Bob Corker. Scary occasions for the country when the president hates the reality. https://t.co/UD5E7ITFuJ

– Chris Van Hollen (@ChrisVanHollen) December 23, 2018

The Trump Tax Plan, which was signed a yr ago, did not improve staff' actual wages. The promised $ four,000 wage trips never materialized. And now, a yr later, Trump has resorted to over 380,000 federal staff simply earlier than the vacations. This is Trump World. pic. This is not regular and will harm both our governments and our financial system. The Republican Republicans must cease this madness.

– Chris Van Hollen (@ChrisVanHollen), December 22, 2018

. Senator Ben Cardin

Back tonight #PresidentialAddress: This can be a coverage that is on the lookout for a disaster. The President is making an attempt to organize a state of emergency that justifies the US government hostage over its wall.

Adequate theaters and hyperbole, @POTUS.

– Senator Ben Cardin (@SenatorCard) January 9, 2019

"This is about national security."

FACT: 85% of people who attempt to come to america achieve this.

The few who * try to get throughout the nation, the bulk is making an attempt to cross the US-Canada border. https://t.co/SymbZ8G6nx#TrumpAddress [19659002] – Senator Ben Cardin (@SenatorCard) January 9, 2019

. @ POTUS carries worry.

# 1, the best way unlawful medicine cross the US-Mexico border? In automobiles that come from our entry gates – people who find themselves in any other case past the regulation

Don't take my phrase. Precise details have sources: https://t.co/gCW4Zwec76 #TrumpAddress

– Senator Ben Cardin (@SenatorCard) January 9, 2019

@ POTUS continues to worry selling his wall. Let's return to the information and we’ve a real discussion on border management. We will restart the opening of Gov & # 39; s in order that we will pay for border controls, customs agents, TSA brokers and others which are on the entrance strains. #TrumpAddress

– Senator Ben Cardin (@SenatorCard) January 9, 2019

FACT: In the first half of FY 18, Customs & Border Safety arrested only 6 individuals whose names have been on the terrorist display listing. @WhiteHouse has not offered any evidence to the contrary. https://t.co/XA5oQclECv [19659002] – Senator Ben Cardin (@SenatorCard) January 9, 2019

@realDonaldTrump's tackle by no means led to why we will't open portions of Gov & # 39; who have nothing to do with border management. Why does he have @StateDept @DOJ @CommerceGov @USDOT @NatlParkService and all People serve hostages? #EndTheShutdown

– Senator Ben Cardin (@SenatorCard) January 9, 2019

Democrats need to supply border guards rewards. Better Know-how? Absolutely.

– Senator Ben Cardin (@SenatorCard) January 9, 2019

Democrats need to provide payments for border guards. Higher Know-how? Absolutely.

– Senator Ben Cardin (@SenatorCard) January 9, 2019

Why is reopening the government our first activity?

Here is one cause. American families are struggling. We merely can’t close it in the eye and fake as if it have been simply normal. #Shutdownhttps: //t.co/RXx28owtL9

– Senator Ben Cardin (@SenatorCard) January eight, 2019

Dozens of US state businesses are closed.

Regulation Enforcement Agents, TSA Representatives, Coast Guard, Many Others Work With out Pay. 380,000 are at work

This can be a disaster, @SenateMajLdr. Our first agenda have to be to resolve it. #TrumpShutdown

– Senator Ben Cardin (@SenatorCardin) 7. january 2019

I have been working intently with the BDS Journal, @MarcoRubiossa, and disagree with you here. Board #shutdown is a crisis that impacts hundreds of thousands of People and the financial system. We simply can’t continue with the standard. Re-opening the government have to be our prime priority. #EndTheTrumpShutdown https://t.co/7YsZn4c78M [19659002] – Senator Ben Cardin (@SenatorCard) January 7, 2019

The Senate shouldn’t take any bill that isn’t associated to reopening the Board till @SenateMajLdr allows us to vote accurately

This is not regular. This can be a crisis and a failure of administration. Dozens of presidency businesses are closed. We must first reconcile it. #Shutdown

– Senator Ben Cardin (@SenatorCard) January 6, 2019

Our dedicated federal staff will not be stunts. They should not be wondering when their next salary can solely come as a result of @realDonaldTrump thinks that the wall will substitute the immigration reform. So this week my colleague and I introduced legislation that may guarantee pay. pic.twitter.com/CglI3x667D [19659002] – Senator Ben Cardin (@SenatorCard) January 6, 2019

Agreed. This isn’t regular. This can be a crisis, the last word failure in the government, and the People endure from it.

The Senate shouldn’t use any invoices that aren’t associated to reopening the Board until @SenateMajLdr permits us to vote precisely. #Shutdown https://t.co/IUiJLWP68R [19659002] – Senator Ben Cardin (@SenatorCard) January 6, 2019

-420,000 Federal Staff, comparable to Coast Guard and DEA Brokers, are pressured to
-380,000, like forest service firefighters, have escaped, @ ChrisVanHollen and I are leading the charge for correcting these mistakes and getting paid. #Shutdown

– Senator Ben Cardin (@SenatorCard) January 5, 2019

#TrumpShutdown Day 15

Though @POTUS holds a hostage over the wall, federal staff endure. These are the Coast Guard, regulation enforcement officers, NASA staff. And now they will't e-book their bills. It's shameful. I have submitted an invoice to assist. pic. before @POTUS threw the tantrum.

Time to stop theaters. We're able to master. @POTUS is the one one that isn’t. #GovernmentShutdown pic.twitter.com/xsQeZHMNMX [19659002] – Senator Ben Cardin (@SenatorCard) January 4, 2019

That is madness. The closure of the government just isn’t robust. It exhibits incompetence and lack of ability to manage

As ordinary, @realDonaldTrump confuses two People on the expense. #TrumpShutdown https://t.co/NKo1PK0EIs [19659002] – Senator Ben Cardin (@SenatorCard) January four, 2019

No, individuals on this country see that you are holding the government hostage's delusion that the wall will repair a damaged immigration system.

Cease the theater. Control. We are ready to finance and reopen the board. You’re the only one who shouldn’t be. #TrumpShutdown https://t.co/dfMs90bN1c [19659002] – Senator Ben Cardin (@SenatorCard) January 2, 2019

Translation: "Dozens of federal businesses and departments are closed – and People continue to go without essential govt providers – as a result of @realDonaldTrump can’t accept that the wall doesn’t fix our migration system. ”#ArtOfTheDeal #TrumpShutdown https://t.co/n2YzZ1mnAI [19659002] – Senator Ben Cardin (@SenatorCard) December 26, 2018

Even a partial closure prices taxpayers cash, which is troublesome for the general public, and it’s definitely not truthful for federal officers who’re immediately affected. @SenatorCard) December 22, 2018

… these are staff who’re principally in work 24/7, 365 days a yr. This yr, the difference with President Trump is that they do not know when their next wage verify will come. The Senate passed a clear, steady resolution.

– Senator Ben Cardin (@SenatorCard) December 22, 2018

US. Rep. Jamie Raskin

Be a part of me, @DonBeyerVA, @ SpanbergerVA07, @AFGENational President @JDavidCoxSr and other Wednesday night time solidarity rally / federal staff, contractors, small companies and everybody whose life is disturbed by #TrumpShutdown. RSVP: https://t.co/lVQ4Gwrpb1 pic.twitter.com/2tMq0ksUFY

– Jamie Raskin (@jamie_raskin) January 8, 2019

Welcome to Maryland's eighth District, President. We reside in 80,000 federal staff and their families and tens of hundreds who are contractors. We need to reopen the board now. Do not maintain all hostages due to political disagreement. https://t.co/aoCKYHI59M [19659002] – Representative of Jamie Raskin (@RepRaskin) January 6, 2019

Standing on Day 16, when Trump holds his authorities and his individuals hostage to the fantasy wall. I’ve collected #ShutdownStoriesia citizens, federal staff and contractors to # MD08 EU. Share your story about this national trial with me ⤵️ https://t.co/QrQONpz9c9

– Jamie Raskin (@RepRaskin) January 6, 2019

Which of the dwelling former presidents informed Trump that they needed that they had a self-built wall? If this can be a "national security emergency", Trump should convey them forward to speak about America. In any other case, he ought to admit that he lied lying. https://t.co/fNFdOP0BOi [19659002] – Jamie Raskin's Representative (@RepRaskin) January 5, 2019

Donald Trump's message to 38 million meals label recipients, 800,000 federal staff, hundreds of thousands waiting for tax refunds and all sinking [19659002] – Rep. Jamie Raskin (@RepRaskin) January 5, 2019

Scandalous and unacceptable that Trump's political nominations get $ 10Okay up for 800,000 government staff and countless personal contractors resist the tragedy and don’t pay rewards for Trump's irresponsibility and selfishness. https://t.co/tQBAcnTpKs [19659002] – Rep. Jamie Raskin (@RepRaskin) January 5, 2019

You first promised Mexico to pay on your wall. Promise broken. Then you’ll sign the monetary statements on the wall. Promise broken. Now you set absurd words within the mouth of 800,000 federal staff who need to do their jobs and be political soldiers.

– Rep. Jamie Raskin (@RepRaskin) January 4, 2019

President Trump and his prepared accomplices synchronize irresponsibility and suffering in Republican leadership in Congress. It calculates the Trump regime as a failure of one other monumental and horrible coverage. My Assertion: pic.twitter.com/S0msWKacuS [19659002] – Rep. Jamie Raskin (@RepRaskin) December 22, 2018

US. Rep. David Trone

We have to start enthusiastic about the individuals affected by extinction. In Cumberland, we have now jail employees who work in dangerous jobs that at the moment are working without pay. We have to defend these staff

. Mr President, it is time to get everybody again to work. pic.twitter.com/cHxZFxHucl [19659002] – David Trone (@repdavidtrone) January 9, 2019

It's time to speak to the # MD06 about the actual individuals and staff affected by this shutdown. Tune at 10 am to hear a few of these stories. https://t.co/M0h8biMyI8 [19659002] – David Trone (@repdavidtrone) January 9, 2019

An estimated 23,119 federal staff in Maryland are both corrupt or working without pay. It's time to cease #TrumpShutdown and finance the federal. @AprpropsDems pic.twitter.com/7J4AMr5nju [19659002] – David Trone (@repdavidtrone) January eight, 2019

Many of these staff stay in the district I symbolize, # MD06. They can’t pay for residence loans, utilities, or automotive charges. These are the actual those that the president has made with a careless determination to build an pointless $ 5 billion border wall.

– David Trone (@repdavidtrone) January 6, 2019

] Adding Priority Health Providers to Hundreds
✅ Supply 27,262 models of reasonably priced housing and creating 11,401 jobs
✅ Meet and Keep Standards for Consuming Water and Waste Infrastructure

– David Trone (@repdavidtrone) January 6, 2019

We need to cease #TrumpShutdown and let federal staff return to work. $ 5 billion on the wall is a waste of cash and it is towards our values ​​as a land.

– David David Trone (@repdavidtrone), January 6, 2019

. John Sarbanes


– John Sarbanes (@RepSarbanes) December 21, 2018

#TrumpShutdown is a criminal offense towards civil servants and nationwide disgrace.

John Sarbanes (@RepSarbanes) December 21, 2018

Maryland State Secretary Brian Feldman

The federal government shutdown might be a billion dollar blow to Maryland | Montgomery Group Media https://t.co/lLmDd38YcV

– Brian J. Feldman (@BrianJFeldman) January 5, 2019

Maryland State Secretary Cheryl Kagan

If only the GOP-led Senate put the welfare of the nation earlier than the little social gathering politics and hostile wall… https://t.co/Nv1jTmWhBb

– Cheryl C. Kagan (@CherylKagan) January 4, 2019

Amen to this! @RealDonaldTrump #shutdown happens in #jobs & #DMV financial system. https://t.co/2i4F1y3bkk [19659002] – Cheryl C. Kagan (@CherylKagan) December 28, 2018

The State of Maryland Del. Marc Korman

Any concepts? pic.twitter.com/IppBJyQbYu

– Marc Korman (@mkorman) January four, 2019

State of Maryland Del Jared Solomon

Joining @ D18MDDems -mtg @RepRaskin to discuss Cap Hill's agenda and termination. In one week, 38 million individuals lose their meals assist, the IRS does not grant refunds, and 100 staff work or pay wages. pic.twitter.com/cVzTRR2ymR

– Jared Solomon (@jaredssolomon) January 7, 2019

The State of Maryland Del. Kirill Reznik

The Senate literally issued the identical bill unanimously two weeks in the past.

"Yep, both sides are still a problem" some very critical individuals scream. Congressional citizens and Democrats originally agreed with out wall funding. Trump has blocked. @GovernorHogan makes an empty assertion and means that Trump gets a few of the money they need. https://t.co/5YW1h6UaDd [19659002] – Kirill Reznik (@DelegateReznik) December 21, 2018

Montgomery County Council President Nancy Navarro

Federal shutdown impacts resellers, right here they reside @MWCOG #OpenTheGovernment pic. twitter.com/ahhow1wsPC [19659002] – Nancy Navarro (@nancy_navarro) January 9, 2019

Montgomery Province Council Member Tom Hucker

Time to return out and help our neighbors who’re feds and contractors!
I ask RSVP to be sure to are on the listing, so we’ve sufficient meals for everybody!
TY @ElGolfo_MD @GHAREKABAB @Paccis @MannaFoodCenter @TheRoomMD ShutdownSocial Group Potluck Dinner Friday 6: 30-9, Blair Excessive @SilverSpring_MD. Show help for federal staff and contractors that # shutdown2018 has suffered. https://t.co/kTXrwFMmsu buttons19659002] – Council member Tom Hucker (@CmHucker) January 8, 2019

#shutdown strikes hard-working federal staff and contractors, forcing some to chop food purchases just to make lease or mortgage funds. View help at #ShutdownSocial potluck on Friday 6-9: 30 pm, Blair Excessive. https://t.co/CSflcJJP0j [19659002] – Council Member Tom Hucker (@CmHucker) January 8, 2019

Evan Glass, Member of the Montgomery Provincial Council

In contrast to the President, federal staff can’t depart bankrupt six occasions. shield your personal funds. #TrumpShutdown https://t.co/gTvyrNnhUW

– Evan Glass (@EvanMGlass) January 6, 2019

For Shame 😤 https://t.co/n249IMN2ru

– Evan Glass (@EvanMGlass) January 5, 2019

“Stops are not an option for local government,” says @MDCounties President @HarfordExec. In this case, each side of Maryland officers can agree. #EndtheShutdown pic.twitter.com/lCs75cjnDH

– Evan Glass (@EvanMGlass) January 4, 2019

Trump's Phrases.
Turning off Trump. https://t.co/spkP70bfNx

– Evan Glass (@EvanMGlass) December 22, 2018

 Deirdre Byrne

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Deirdre Byrne is the social media coordinator at Montgomery Group Media. You possibly can access it at dbyrne@mymcmedia.org or on Twitter at @DeirdreByrneMCM.

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