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"We have S-400 and we are ready."

AKP Chairman and Erdogan "Turkey is not the S-400 defense system has got. We will end the work." He stated.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan spoke at a gaggle meeting held on the headquarters of the get together.

Despite all the issues Turkey confronted Erdogan was still there, thus far, individuals all the time progress, progress, prosperity, peace

ım Let's not mistaken in Ankara and Istanbul we didn't lose, we gained both locations, Erdo Erdoğan stated.

Erdogan careworn that they might not permit anything and would forestall them from fulfilling their promises to the state.

”YPG and PYD are not PKK extensions? Who provides them the greatest help? Our strategic associate … "Erdogan is used as an expression, he continued as follows:

" Turkey is not the S-400 defense system has received. We have done this. (S-400) We have signed an agreement that promises to move into joint production and be affordable. Hopefully he will return soon. Turkey F-35 is not only a customer but also a manufacturing partner. (F-35 project) We meet President Trump at the end of the month in Japan, where we already have separate meetings with them. I hope that there will be a debate on these issues. In the terror corridor, trying to create together our borders in Syria, in the Jarabulus-Afr line, in northern Iraq in the area of ​​how to break as well as east of Euphrates If our crime. "

" 4 we ship "

" Their only goal in Turkey Do you know? I wonder how can we download AK party power? This is their problem, but they can't take it down. This power is not enough. "Stated Erdogan, he discovered the following estimate:

" Japanese Mediterranean Turkey and the rights of Turkish Cypriot regulation, doesn’t permit any measures that have to be taken to one of the best. All the choices are left on the table. We now have 4 vessels for hydrocarbon exploration. We haven't had it in our history. We do our job in fleet administration by providing security in these areas. Those who assume they have by no means met the financial pitfalls of this nation in their Turkish knees. We are a nation that only says that we vomited blood and drank cranberry syrup gerektiğinde if vital and we didn’t hesitate to reveal their life and possessions of independence. Those who think of pulling something out of this construction have used such habits up to now, but there’s nothing left of them in the intervening time. I hope that each one our very clear messages will probably be understood by our interlocutors. ”

“ The New Military System ”

President Erdoğan stated for a new army system:

might be discharged immediately, the remaining will proceed. Our major obligation because the nation's leaders is to supply solutions if there’s a drawback and a requirement for a army service obligation. This regulation has been drafted with an understanding that spreads professional army service and ensures that each one youngsters on this country are present process primary schooling. (New Army System) There are no problems in our country and outdoors our nation, particularly within the TRNC. I want to emphasize that there isn’t any basis for asserting that the weak spot of the new system is occurring. The entire variety of Turkish armed forces, which is 419 thousand, presently consists of about 200 thousand, about half of them, officers, clerks, deputies, specialists, officers and employees. All models that assume their position in important duties, especially in the battle towards terrorism, are made up of lively soldiers. For Deputy Heads and for two-year college graduates, purposes by Deputy Administrators of this Act are also an necessary opportunity to satisfy employees wants 19

Erdoğan identified that presidential and parliamentary elections are four years and that mayors' elections are 5 years. “These occasions are enough to enrich our shortcomings, right the disapproval, carry our nation to 2023 with a brand new voice, a new strategy with a brand new voice and a new imaginative and prescient. [

"They started slaughter"

we cope with business that say on March 31, when the primary job of Erdogan identified that 14,000 is değiştirtmek strain on commerce union movement, he stated:

"but also dissatisfied They start around the massacre of workers in Turkey. The CHP leader, workers seeking justice, crying ears, does not sound like discrimination. With the exception of individual exceptions, CHP is the party with the worst record in our country's municipalities again since March 31 It is not possible to wait for activities other than draining water, cleaning the streets, investing, developing social municipal services, but the CHP card was the same 25 years ago, and I am afraid it will stay the same after 25 years. The counterfeit image environment formed is broken, it is better to understand who you are I really serve Istanbul and be able to represent this ancient city. The spear did not fit in the bag, the mask was over, the skull left and looked bald. When the goal is not to win the people, but to deceive people until the election, the result will be manifested in this way. "

Erdoğan said that he meant to deliver the first judicial reform package deal to Parliament before the top of the work interval and to stop the theft from occurring on 31 March.

“Our People Expect Us to Resolve Their Problems”

MEPs seek parliamentary packages and constituencies in accordance with Erdogan. It belongs to you together with the nationalist get together, the place we work together. Your work means the work of the Common Assembly. You have a legislative obligation on the Basic Assembly, as we say to work on the continued presidency of the Turkish Presidency on the best way ahead.

President Erdoğan stated that our individuals are waiting for us to unravel their issues, our individuals are ready for us to serve, our nation is ready for us to behave, our nation expects us to keep our promise.Our nation expects us to construct a phenomenal future for him and his youngsters.

"Obligation to Provide Included Support given to Us"

At the moment's financial system faces Turkey's overseas policy that there are many critical problems that may only be solved by employment safety that time, Erdogan stated:

"Turkey, which means every part Regardless of these issues hamdolsun stands upright. As an AK celebration, we can show this robust place because we have achieved a high degree of financial system and democracy within the last 17 years. As our nation knows this reality, it nonetheless helps us with over 50 % help within the elections. However let's not overlook that this isn’t an infinite, limitless and irresponsible loan. We are obliged to offer us with the help offered as a service. Along with all our savings, our power, our time, our efforts, we must come to our nation with concrete achievements as soon as attainable. Hopefully subsequent time we grew up in Turkey in all areas, we will affirm there is a time when we will go forward. We have all the time promised the event of our nation, the promised progress, the promised prosperity, the promised peace, the promise of stability and the promise of a vibrant future.

Biz We Gained Both Places ”

President Erdoğan 19 We are the winner of those elections, he stated.

orum say the same thing, let's not improper in Ankara or Istanbul, we gained each locations. You possibly can say, 'Mr President, you say it.' We have suffered in both provinces from the viewpoint solely and from the business window, however when we take a look at the districts based mostly on the districts, have we taken a lot of the circle? We have both. In the Council, which is the decision-making place, most of them here in Istanbul and Ankara? Us. Are the commissions and we all? Us. How do these municipalities work? Burr alarm. The President's potential to act right here is the Basic Meeting, the Committees. Because the steps he takes are related to these locations. He can’t take motion so long as he can’t provide the required help in these places.

You say it then. "Take it to the people and say they don't work for me." What does E do? Should you do the suitable job, it really works for you, in fact it doesn't work once you do the correct job. That is the reality. Can we say that we are rising right now ”or we need to make a constitution change, but does CHP forestall us? I can't say why? Anyway, his job is to maintain you at work. Particularly, the history of cogeneration has all the time been a black, white, black, white process, he stated. However we help it when it is true, but it is true that they have no capacity to try this, their previous is like that. Now our promises are the identical, and we do not permit something and nobody will forestall us from fulfilling our guarantees. Our Lord allows our individuals till the final breath so long as the help we continue to wrestle on this blessed path. "

" I'll explain in more detail what I'm going to explain? "

not one of the problems final Turkey shouldn’t be random, everyone, Erdogan is intertwined,

" Everything is very clear, we have no luxury to speak everywhere. I don't even have to tell you what is behind the terrorist organizations, is it not an extension of PKK, YPG, PYD and PKK in northern Syria? Who gives them the greatest support? Strategic partner. Did they send tens of thousands of trucks , arms, ammunition, everything? They sent me, the more I should tell you what we should tell you? Now, you know what your goals are in Turkey? "I’m wondering how we can obtain AK power," this can be a drawback. it's down, they will't afford it.

That's why this group must work nicely. e working, robust nation, such a robust country. "Friends, they are all true, but remember I always say" La victor illallah. "The true energy is here so long as we stand, consider, continue and work. you see the way it opens to where we assume our entrance is closed. Up to now this has occurred. Here are efforts to get rid of the unrest in our society with the help of terrorist organizations, which is the product of the identical venture. ”

2 2 thousand terrorists have been neutralized because the starting of this yr”

Erdogan stated 2,000 terrorists have been neutralized because the beginning of this yr. stated they have been on the lookout for a gap to flee. Erdogan stated:

”However when we battle terrorism towards the armed forces that have come from somebody who can also be answerable for this country, and national and native buildings that are removed from these buildings, they are looted by them, some by themselves and until the work is incorrect. You take a look at the brand new army regulation on the other aspect in the mean time once they say some things about themselves, they write, draw and so on. You're a coward, a coward. You have by no means been the order of the soldiers of this individuals. You didn't go to them, you couldn't. We have additionally labored with them. We know precisely what they do. And now, once they return to civilian life, they write right and left, they draw, and they infiltrate totally different info somewhere else. We have temptations, we are positive we will do him, and we will continue our approach.

Elections on 23 June

On Might 23, the election of Istanbul's city leaders resembled Erdogan, AK social gathering deputies and all business leaders He stated they have been on the lookout for citizens and their relations in Istanbul, and that alternates are making an attempt to make the inhabitants of Istanbul a constituency.

A few of them begin quite a lot of efforts by displaying some effort themselves, they attempt to undermine this powerful structure, Erdogan stated: “We need to know this properly; Those that assume they are pulling something out of this construction have used such ways up to now. Some have even reached the point where they will type a gaggle, however in the meanwhile there’s nothing left. All the things gone. They worn out the political scene. In addition to, those who are the identical as those that struggle before the chief of the primary opposition, we see them. From the place to where? Character, character is very important. The human being, especially the Muslim servant, ought to be worthy of the glory of these beings and ought to shield it. "

" AK party every MP, the organization is moving to the members of the consciousness "

harassed that they may continue with the same willpower on the street, Erdogan stated:

" Us Towards AK Get together and pour us in individual associated to Turkey is There’s a international alliance that sees that they will't implement their plans and a set of native manicures working with them. I would like you to realize it. Every member of the AK get together, a member of the affiliation, the mayor acts on this responsible manner and it must work. that every mistake we make, each weak weak spot, the cost of each selfish account we attempt, affects the destiny, cause, and history of the nation, and I consider that nobody knowingly and willingly falls into such a plague. Fix them with real understanding That is why we have stored an open approach to hear not solely ourselves but in addition our nation.

Those who are blocking the voice of the nation, particularly listening to the individuals as an alternative of making an attempt to assault him, can’t be a member of this celebration. We don’t contact a companion. In fact, it isn’t potential to satisfy all the necessities and expectations. Things that can be executed have already been carried out. If there’s nothing to do, explain, the hearts of the individuals are taken, however we know that we are obliged to declare, not to persuade. He’s our seventh Lord. We need to know this properly. This is our understanding of politics.

bu This is crucial legacy we depart ”

Erdogan stated this can be a four-year course of for presidential and parliamentary elections and 5 years for elections. A new voice and respiration understanding with Turkey in 2023, says a new vision can be enough to maneuver round.

Strengthening the financial system by making certain safety boundaries, investments, production, exports, Erdogan introduced that they’ll arrive at their vacation spot by growing employment, "Turkey is a democracy and decided to put the financial system into one of many world's prime 10 nations. That is crucial legacy we will go to the subsequent generations to realize their objectives

"We can't close our eyes to the facts"

Erdoğan introduced that he had come to crucial question that was necessary on the meeting and stated:

Smoke The Defense Minister will make the technical dimension of the work in the primary. The truth is, within the army service, we are implementing a revolutionary reform, which was a anticipate years, and we ordered the expectations of these years, and in at this time's world, army service has turn out to be a career that basically requires good schooling and expertise. and the price of coaching in using gear made this activity ineffective and meaningless. Additionally it is troublesome to ensure the security of deported soldiers with short-term coaching.

Certainly, Turkey is sort of well timed in a deliberate and acutely aware strategy to prepare for the transition to knowledgeable military. We talked about this. We talked together, we talked. Nevertheless, because of the growing population of our nation, it is clear that the number of younger individuals of army age is consistently agglomerating. Every so often, one of the objectives of high-priced army service is to remove this mess. One other necessary point is that the profession improvement of our younger individuals, both in schooling and in enterprise, forces them to go to the military at a complicated age. We will't shut the truth. I am not a HR supervisor. They name us "the chief-commander, as the constitution requires, but I have worked with many of our masters. I have worked with a number of troop commanders. I got a lot of information about them. To win the candidates in the municipality does not play bread with one of the staff, no one to dismiss the press promised. Those who said before the election that we are not dealing with someone's vaccine changed the union after March 31, under pressure of over 14,000 workers. Not solving this Bolu from Antalya, began Turkish slaughter of workers everywhere in Izmir Adana. "He stated.

Erdogan's Turkish off staff are working in several provinces on the CHP headquarters in entrance of protests for walking gerçeği Except individual exceptions, the CHP was the get together with the worst report in municipal actions, confirmed again on March 31st. there’s nothing to offer to our cities, do not cope with Hitlervar, odor fascism and odor fascism, for instance, to disclaim some individuals on the seashore, although they have no authority.


ya The place are you? who can spill water, clean the streets, make investments, develop social municipal providers. The CHP card was the identical 25 years ago, and now it's the same. I worry it should keep the same after 25 years. We deliver water to Izmir, however we have to inform all this stuff to Izmir

The institutional construction and mentality of this social gathering to serve the individuals was by no means a problem, never. Whereas criticizing our country's unemployment, then again, a CHP leader who sees nothing of them doesn’t hear or vote for any of them. The CHP chief, presumably marching from Ankara to Istanbul, hears his ears within the shouts of the employees who make his bread and does not make any noise. ”

özel We are in a particular preparation to stop theft of repetitions”

President Erdoğan stated that the municipal elections in the metropolis of Istanbul have 10 days and are based mostly on nose to nose with Istanbul residents at headquarters and provincial organizations.

Erdogan stated he noticed the connection between the mayor of Istanbul, Binali Yildirim and Istanbul, increases each day, Erdogan stated, the bunny of our brother Binali Yildirim, who efficiently shoots our brother on the bottom, motivates organizations, brings hassle. We are also getting ready to stop theft from March 31st. We have re-arranged our Neighborhood and Voting Delegation by saying mus A plague is hundreds of advices to ev. As a result of the counterfeit picture setting across the CHP candidate is broken, it is better to know who can really serve Istanbul and be capable of characterize this historic metropolis.

individuals of the National come to a humble humiliation, bullying and offensive seek help from Turkey until the enemy each enemy started to take a loss. As one among these corporations forty years previous, I need to point out that I have come across very few political engineering tasks where the envelope is so reverse. But the spear did not fit within the bag, the camouflage ball ended, Kolkka fell and seemed bald. When the objective is to not win the hearts of the nation, however to deceive individuals earlier than the election, the end result shall be manifested on this means. "We turned sincere. This is the most important difference between us and those that converse and transfer in entrance of the digital camera. At present we stand in the same place, tomorrow we will do the same. I want to ask you and all the members of the organization to the extent that the work of the Assembly permits us to visit Istanbul step by step on election day to stay in touch with the guts of every Istanbul. I ask my Lord to be proud of all of you.